"... and a terrific young actor named John Bixler, who has divided his time between Florida and New York. His understated performance should give pause to local casting directors on why they should try to keep local talent in the Sunshine State." 

-Ron Levitt, Entertainment News and Views


The Times by Mark Watson - Waterfront Playhouse, Key West, FL

     Shambaugh and Bixler, both skillful actors, adroitly shadow dance around their characters’ feelings toward one another. Noah’s deep emotional hurt and frustrating ambivalence toward his ex are intensely portrayed by Shambaugh. Bixler’s Christian is more restrained, more circumspect – a nicely understated performance that is an effective counterpoint to Noah’s volatility. 

-Conch Color           

 the cast more than meets expectations. Scott Shambaugh as Noah and John Bixler as Christianown the show. Their understated performances bring out every nuance of their relationship.

-Solares Hill

 …maximalist acting talent…Equity gift John Bixler

-          P&E


When a wedding announcement hits The New York Times, it isn’t the wedding planner whose life becomes the most hectic. The Times follows the story of first love and last regrets. Highly entertaining, thought provoking and poignant, The Times gives us a new punch-line to the oldest joke in the book…life. Smart engaging dialogue. Intelligent, realistic characters.  Mark Watson has written an impressive piece of theatre that will amuse and touch your heart.


The Penguin Tango by Stephen Svoboda – NYC International Fringe Festival

 As Royale, John Bixler... is the emotional center of the show… The role calls for Bixler to mimic being shocked constantly and he does do an excellent job of portraying this for both comic effect as well as for tragedy (most notably at the end where Roy continues to embrace Silo while being shocked).

                                                                                                -LOGOonlin                           …the valiant leading man (played with poise and subtlety by John Bixler)

                                                                                                   - Broadway.com                                                                                               

This Moliere inspired farce is based on actual events at the Bremerhaven, Brooklyn, and Central Park Zoos and hysterically ask the question:  Does adherence to traditional family values and definitions actually help or destroy the communities we live in?  Royale and Silo are happily married penguins.  The only problem is they can’t have a chick, which Royale wants desperately.  When the human zookeepers investigate, the penguins face a startling revelation.   Not only are they both “male”, but the humans have labeled them “schwul.”  This new label of “schwul”, the arrival of a female temptress penguin from Sweden, and the use of Aversion Therapy on Royale have hilarious and poignant repercussions on the penguin community.  As the penguins struggle to find the meaning of “schwul” and put their fragile community back together they find the true meaning of love, family, and discover that all of us are at the least a little bit “schwul.”


Johnny Guitar – Actors Playhouse, Coral Gables, FL

 John Bixler — a dynamic young actor here playing several roles — stealing scenes from everyone…

                                                                                   - MIAMI NEW TIMES    "Johnny Guitar," the musical is a tuneful, laugh-filled musical comedy that embraces and sends up ‘50s-style movie acting, melodramatic romance, and rough-and-tumble cowboy action.


House & Garden – Actors Playhouse, Coral Gables, FL                


House & Garden is two plays in two theatres with one cast. Alan Ayckbourn, Great Britain’s most prolific and funniest playwright, takes his comedy twice the distance. House plays in the Actors’ Playhouse’ mezzanine theatre. Each night, as the House audience enjoys the show, the actors play their scenes and exit into the Actors’ Playhouse most intimate theatre space, the black box theatre, where the same cast performs Garden simultaneously. It’s two great evenings of theatre you’ll never forget. House is a dark drawing-room comedy, while Garden is a swinging sex farce. It’s a theatre tour de force that only Actors’ Playhouse could bring to South Florida. 


Clarence Darrow's Last Trial by Shirley Lauro

(Lieutenant John Ramsey)

January 21 - February 20, 2005

New Theatre

Directed by Rafael de Acha. A young U.S. Navy lieutenant is accused of murder. Years after his 'Monkey Trial', legendary attorney Clarence Darrow takes on the last and most challenging case of his professional life in this World Premier by Tony-nominated playwright Shirley Lauro.

Odysseus Died from AIDS by Stephen Svoboda


August 13th – 29th, 2004

June 24th – 26th, 2004

Fresco Productions

The play premiered as part of the New York International Fringe Festival,

August 13th – 29th with workshop productions at the University of Miami June 24th – 26th  

Elliot Hayes, the protagonist of "Odysseus Died from AIDS" who has been HIV positive for ten years when he suddenly finds himself hospitalized with a terminal opportunistic infection.  The new, chaotic world of the hospital forces Elliot to retreat into a fantasy world where he casts himself as Odysseus, recruits his crew of fellow patients, and morphs his experiences into Odysseus’s adventures. In this Odyssey meets Cuckoo’s Nest theatrical fantasia, Elliot Hayes voyages to discover the humor and heroism in the horror of living terminal.



Master Harold and the Boys by Athol Fugard


April 17th - May 23rd, 2004

Gable Stage,

Set in South Africa during the apartheid era, ‘Master Harold’ … and the Boys explores a young man’s coming of age or, more specifically, what makes a boy a man. The story takes place in St. George’s Park Tea Room on a wet and windy day in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The year is 1950. A white South African teenager, Harold, spends a rainy afternoon in the restaurant owned by his parents, with the two black middle-aged employees who are his closest friends. ‘Master Harold’ is confronted with two very different role models for his imminent adulthood – his drunken father and the mature, wise black man who has been his best friend and mentor throughout his childhood. Harold must closely examine what the basis of his adult values will be: the wisdom of his friend Sam, who cares for him deeply, or the bigotry of his forefathers. By the end of the day, his life as an adult has been set in motion on an unexpected path.


The Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris


December 10th – 25th, 2003

Fresco Productions

The Santaland Diaries is best selling author and NPR humorist David Sedaris' merrily subversive account of his job as an elf at Macy's during the holidays. This behind-the-scenes story uncovers what Santaland is really about; holiday lines, surly parents, greedy children an drunken Santas. The Santaland Diaries, an edgy new alternative to sticky sweet pageantry, is sure to inspire belly laughs on its way to discovering the meaning of Christmas in the most jaded of places.

The Last Sunday in June by Jonathan Tolins


June 20th – July 27th, 2003

The Caldwell Theatre Company

Jonathan Tolins's hilarious and poignant play The Last Sunday in June follows in the tradition of The Boys in the Band and Love! Valor! Compassion! Set in a Greenwich Village apartment, Michael and Tom plan to spend Gay Pride Day contemplating their move to the suburbs. But with the parade happening outside their window, friends drop by, igniting a chain of events that rocks the foundations of their relationship.

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